Give drab footwear and clothes the boot with Modatoi!

Have you been seeking high and low for shoes for the girls? The Modatoi website makes all your wishes come true in one massive online store stocking shoes and more.
Platform shoes are nothing if not showy and this year’s selection is proving no exception. A design evolution rather than a throwback to the old days would be the best way of describing this latest manifestation of the platform. Today, instead of it being just about adding on the inches, above all, people want to play around with form. The typically chunky look of the old-style platform is replaced by a more aerodynamic line. Just as adventurous are the women’s boots models making the rounds. Vivid colours seem to abound, with special emphasis on different shades of red, pink, purple and blue. There’s also plenty of evidence to show that an old favourite – animal print designs – is definitely back, especially of the leopard and zebra skin variety.
What’s more, now the world of the half boot is only a click away.
Half boots may be small, but they’ve definitely got big personalities! Bold and lively would be the best words to describe this season’s offerings – there aren’t many other things you can say when talking about fluorescent lime-green lace-ups!

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More choice would make shopping on this website too complicated, there is such a variety of items...