DBV-Technologies and the Viaskin® patch – a winning combination in the treatment of food allergies!

There has been a tremendous amount of research done into the diagnosis and treatment of allergies in recent years. This has been fuelled by the growing numbers of people whose quality of life is being significantly impaired by common allergies. http://www.dbv-technologies.com/en/ is your one-stop sh... lire la suite

Are your kids sports mad? FM Sports Academies can help you nurture their talent without neglecting their studies.

It’s normal for children to be more enthusiastic about sports than academic studies. However, as a parent, what do you do if your child seems to have real talent on the playing field, but struggles in the classroom? Well, the fmsportsacademies.com website has some suggestions for you… FM Sports ... lire la suite

Make sure that the water you drink is as pure as you’d like to think – try out a fridge filter today!

It may not be the most glamorous of subjects, but fridge filters can seriously improve the quality of the most important single element of our everyday diet – water. At www.allmyfilters.com there’s a huge range of different filters made by a wide selection of manufacturers – along with some us... lire la suite

Sometimes the simple ways are the best – take a look at the rebooted flipbook

Sometimes it’s the tried and tested ways that work best in the world of business, so it’s not surprising that the flip book is experiencing something of a revival at the moment. This deceptively simple piece of technology has an enduring appeal based on its versatility and ease-of-use. Everyone ... lire la suite

Lo mejor de los mejor se encuentra en es.sextoymio.com

¿Le gustaría hacerle un regalo a una de sus amigas que va a casarse para su despedida de soltera y por supuesto ha pensado en regalarle un sextoy o, porqué no, varios sextoys? A lo mejor no sabe cuál elegir porque le gustaría encontrar la referencia más adecuada para estar segura que le procur... lire la suite

Dans un palace à Marbella avec Voyage Privé

Ce que j’aime avec Voyage Privé, c’est que je peux partir dans les plus beaux endroits du monde et dans les meilleures conditions à un prix vraiment intéressant. Voyage Privé est un site d’e-tourisme qui fonctionne sur le principe de la vente privée : des offres valables pour une durée ... lire la suite

Modische Damentaschen für die neue Saison 2013

Taschen sind für Frauen ein unverzichtbares Accessoire und sollten nach Möglichkeit immer mit der jeweiligen Garderobe harmonieren. Hierzu bietet der der Online-Shop www.lucrin.de seine neuesten Modelle, die in den eigenen Werkstätten von Hand gefertigt werden. Bei den Handtaschen erfreut sich da... lire la suite